Tennis Is Evolving Rapidly

The game of tennis is always changing and along with this, the coaches have to constantly improve their ways of teaching. What we see in tennis matches now, we have never seen before, the past 10 years have brought a lot of change. Patel Tennis coaches keep up with the new trends in the game and stay updated by doing lots of research. The coaches constantly improve the techniques so that students will always have an up to date knowledge of the game.


Why Patel Tennis?


We focus on each players biomechanics and their stroke techniques which helps build the players game while working on tactical, strategy, footwork, and mental-emotional aspects.


When it comes to knowledge and experience, our coaches excell at working with elite tennis players who want to make a major change to their tennis game.


Tennis lessons over time become very expensive year after year. At Patel Tennis we can help you improve your game in a short period of time saving you thousands of dollars.

We Offer Programs That Fit Any Student !

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Our Mission

Our Mission at Patel Tennis is to help our players identify and reach their full potential through hard work with a well experienced coaching staff. Patel Tennis coaches understand the barriers that some students may face and they have the ability to help each individual conquer and succeed.